Large Vienna Regulator Clock-Case Plans


Large Vienna Regulator – woodworking plans – pdf digital product, available for download from your Store Account after purchase.

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This plan faithfully reproduces the elegantly slim lines of the early Vienna Regulator clock-cases, but utilises standard DIY wood mouldings. Well engineered replicas of regulator clock movements are available from clock suppliers and the drawings have been devised to suit 5 movement types from three manufacturers.

This Ashby Design Workshop ‘Plan Pack’ comprises a Colour Front Cover, Schedules of Operations (Building Instructions) a Cutting List (Bill of Materials) and an A1 size Plan Sheet. Standalone metric and imperial dimensions are used. Click the thumbnail images for enlarged views and timber variations for these Large Vienna Regulator Clock-Case Plans.

Dimensions: 338mm wide x 156mm deep (13 5/16” x 6 1/8”). (Height varies to suit Movement)

Challenging Project ****

Vienna Regulator Clock-Case Plans – Large


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